With less than a year before the Federal Liberal government hopes to achieve the legalization of cannabis (with a current target of July 1, 2018), provincial and municipal governments are working hastily to perform their own consultation processes, in order to gather and provide input into the Federal public policy process.

With policy and law makers being rushed towards this deadline, the next few months are vitally important for the cannabis industry, and specifically cannabis retailers and dispensaries, as their fate is uncertain and the continuity of their business is in jeopardy depending on the policy direction that the province of British Columbia decides to pursue.

What we know…

The new NDP government is rushing to determine the appropriate policy direction to pursue for B.C., and now more than ever is the time for industry to make their voice clear, and to motivate the provincial government to strive for an outcome that will protect and ensure growth for marijuana dispensaries across B.C.

Municipalities are also performing public consultations to request input from the industry on various important topics such as law enforcement, taxation, regulation, and licensing. Feedback gathered from industry will be relayed through to the provincial government and will eventually be put in front of the federal government.

The province of Ontario has recently taken the position to monopolize the sale of cannabis products (as they have done with liquor), and are creating more bureaucracy for the industry in order to control all aspects of the market. Quebec has also expressed an interest in establishing a similar system to the one announced by Ontario.

British Columbia’s Premier John Horgan has said that all options are currently on the table, and has expressed interest in the past for an outcome that could see cannabis distribution centres/retailers housed within the existing policy framework of liquor licensing and distribution. This would destroy long-established cannabis dispensaries, their loyal clientele, and crush a vital part of B.C.’s economic culture.

What we do…

At MNH Strategies Inc. we believe that being plugged into the public policy process is the best way to achieve the results we all want for cannabis dispensaries. We believe that established brick and mortar dispensaries should continue to serve their long-standing clientele following legalization, and that the provincial government needs to hear the industry loud and clear.

MNH Strategies wants to maximize the likelihood that cannabis retailers will be able to do so following the legalization of cannabis in Summer 2018. This makes the upcoming months vitally important for the entire industry.

We provide a unique consultation service that is at the forefront of this policy shift and are determined to support existing businesses in the cannabis industry and look forward influencing the realm of public policy so that the future of the industry in our province continues to look bright.